Budapest - Hot Town, Summer in the City

I've been in Budapest for the past couple of days, soaking up the summer heat and checking out the courtyard (and other) cafes in the downtown 7th District old Jewish quarter, which is where I have my apartment.

Unfortunately, my laptop is acting up -- so, despite the free WiFi service in many cafes in the area, I have been having some trouble connecting (and uploading pictures).

On this trip, I used the popular Barladino cafe, on Dob utca, as a sort of "office," sitting at the wall, where electric plugs are located, using the Wifi and sampling the fare, and meeting people. Barladino is known for its generous 3-course lunches starting for the equivalent of 6 or 7 dollars.

Just down the street, on Kertesz utca, is the Hummus Bar -- wonderful half-size falafel pitas for the equivalent of about $1.75.

I didn't have enough time to check all the other places, but I glanced in to several of the courtyard or garden cafes in the district while hurrying to get somewhere else. These places, located in the courtyards of abandoned buildings or in vacant lots where buildings have been pulled down, have become a popular tradition in Bpest. Minimalist decor, very casual; often open very late.