How big is the enthusiasm for adopting Cialis among the French?

When it comes to France, it all stems from the CanCan and Paris as a center for artistic nudity on the stage. Names like Moulin Rouge have passed into mythology. And we are used to think about Frech as a sexy natonality. Yet, when it comes to the reality, the French are probably just as boring as the rest of us and rather tired of being typecast as the greatest European lovers - probably preferring to leave that particular label for the Italian stallions. This does not mean, however, that the French are not interested in their own attitudes to sex and so it's interesting to see the publication of a new research report from the University of Paris.

Attitudes to sex in France and Cialis

Like the rest of the world, there was a major population explosion in France immediately following the end of World War II. Their Boomers are rapidly advancing into retirement and the French healthcare services are preparing themselves to deal with the anticipated rise in demand as bodies and minds go into decline. Because France has socialized medical services, the cost to the taxpayer is also an important factor in this research which will help decide where resources are most needed.
The results currently show about 65% of men aged 70 years have some degree of erectile dysfunction. This rises to 78% by the age of 75. This seriously undermines the quality of life for those couples who would prefer to maintain an active sexual life. Yet with the men suffering major psychological problems in the loss of self-esteem, there's little enthusiasm for adopting Cialis even though it has proved highly effective in the treatment of seniors. In other words, the French seem to be involved in what the researchers call pathological aging. There are treatments available both for the erectile dysfunction and associated heart and lower urinary tract problems. But French men seem reluctant to seek help. Presumably American men will take Cialis and have fewer problems on the relationship front. They are prepared to live life to the full and not give up.